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Increase Sales & Market Share through Amazon Advertising


Retailer numbers on Amazon have been relatively steady for a long time now, but the amount of sales made on Amazon continues to grow.

The upper limit for an Amazon seller has never been higher, but the crowded marketplace makes it a challenge to reach your potential.

  • The Challenge

    To generate sales on Amazon you need visibility. How do you achieve that without your Amazon Cost of Sale (ACoS) eating away your profit margin?

    For many successful sellers, the solution is simple. They leave it to us.

  • Sponsored Product Ads Management by Cloud Seller Pro

    We ensure our clients’ marketing spend on Sponsored Products is focused on what’s most important: increasing your profits and growing your business.

How can we help you maximise your Potential?

  • Sponsored Ads Campaign Building

    We’ll take the time to build or rebuild your Sponsored Product Ads campaign to align with your strategic objectives. As your product range grows, we can manage campaign launches to support each new item.

  • Ongoing Performance Analysis & Optimisation

    By careful monitoring and adjusting, we’ll ensure Sponsored Products advertising achieves your objectives efficiently. We’ll make sure your budget is spent where it will do you the most good.

  • Regular Reporting & Close Contact

    There’s no ticketing system for Cloud Seller Pro – we love to chat and we’re always available to discuss your business as goals are met and new opportunities arise. This kind of close contact means you always know what your Sponsored Ads are doing for you and we always know what the next challenge will be.

  • Freedom to Grow Your Business

    With your Sponsored Ads in our hands you’ll be able to focus your time on your business. You’ll have the time to develop new projects and streamline your systems.

What do you need to know about Sponsored Ads?

  • Amazon’s Strongest Sales Driver

    There are several options for Amazon sellers looking to promote their catalogue, but Sponsored Product Ads are the most effective. This makes them the strongest sales driver available on Amazon itself.

  • Increased Reach

    Amazon isn’t just a crowded marketplace – it’s the biggest platform for product sales in the world, and for many users, it’s a trusted brand. Amazon sellers benefit from that reach – and that trust. For many customers, Sponsored Ads feel like an endorsement by the giant as much as an advert, giving them extra authority.

  • Customer Engagement

    It’s easily overlooked, but searches on Google are done by a mix of people researching a purchase and people who are ready to buy; Amazon searches are done by people who are ready to become customers. This means Sponsored Product Ads are usually seen by people who are already primed to purchase.

  • Competitor Targeting

    Does one of your competitors enjoy a bigger market share than you? Sponsored Ads can be used to directly advertise against a particular competitor product – ideal for taking back some of that market share, especially if your product is cheaper, better looking, or offers extra features.

  • Perfect for New Campaigns

    Sponsored Ads can really drive sales for products which can’t compete yet on strong performance metrics. This makes them great for new campaigns launching new products, but they’re also ideal to revitalise a product which has never had high-performing metrics. A Sponsored Product Ads campaign might be just the thing to kickstart future success.


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