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That’s why, once you’re set up and ready to go, we only charge a percentage commission on your sales. Cloud Seller Pro succeeds when you succeed – and our pricing system makes sure we never lose sight of that.

There are no payment tiers and we’re not focused on increasing your spend, only your success.

  • No Hidden Fees

  • 30-Day Rolling Contract

  • No Long-Term Commitment

  • Only Pay for the Sales We Generate

2-3% Commission

Our commission will be between 2 and 3% of purchases made as a result of our adverts every month. With cost-per-sale margins growing for our clients and sales volume increasing, we don’t need to gate services behind payment levels or push our customers to increase spend.

Instead, you’ll increase ad spend for only the right reasons – increasing market share as you grow your business.

Platforms we market on include:


…and if your chosen channel isn’t one of the above, just ask!

Performance Based Commission

For many of our customers, their cost-per-sale margin has improved by over 50% since taking us on. Your dedicated account manager will be checking in regularly to monitor performance and optimise your campaign.

We can focus on a single advertising platform or develop a full multi-channel solution to potentially expand your market reach.

Whichever platforms you’re using, we’ll clean your data, optimise keywords for wider marketing, and manage your bids to best effect.

Set-up fees do apply based on the number of SKUs you’re promoting – contact us today for a quote.

Who have we helped?



The task...

Duplay were ranking strongly in organic search, but their Google Shopping campaigns didn’t provide an acceptable ROAS, with cost per sale being just too high.

What we did...

Under our management, Duplay significantly reduced cost per sale, with traffic and revenue growing simultaneously. Google Shopping performance was in-line with their other marketing activities.


Client response...

“We always knew we needed to be seen on AdWords to complement our natural rankings but could never make it pay, We took a gamble and had CCP run it for us and we quickly saw instant results and looking forward to continuing the partnership.”

Operations Director, Duplay

Cloud Seller Pro

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