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The Importance of a Good Mobile Content Marketing Strategy

You know the score by now. At least a hundred (or more) articles have told you—mobile is where it’s at right now. Who isn’t glued to their smartphone? They’ve overtaken laptops as the device of choice and we’re spending twice as long on them – now 65 percent of digital media time.


  • 65% of time online is now spent on mobiles
  • Desktop online use has fallen by 12 percent since 2013
  • By the end of this year, more people will probably own a smartphone than a PC
  • Among 18-34 year olds, smartphone penetration is about 93 percent
  • Mobile audiences want content that has some value to them, rather than just PR and marketing puff

Furthermore, according to Google, there are now more searches coming from smartphones than laptops in 10 countries. Now the search engine giant is rolling out its accelerated mobile pages (AMP) project, an open source initiative to allow you to create fast-loading mobile web pages.

So do you have a mobile content-marketing strategy?

Just hoping that your online content works well enough on smartphones and mobile devices isn’t enough. Your marketing messages need to be tailored specifically to your customers’ needs, and in this case, that means being formatted to suit smartphone screens, operating systems and user behaviours.

Without an adequate mobile content-marketing strategy, you could be turning customers away and handing an advantage to your competition. One tactic is Google’s AMP project, which is a simple way (especially for WordPress sites) of speeding up the delivery of your mobile content, and will signal to Google you are tailoring your content for mobile users. Find out more here about Google AMP.

Top tips for a mobile content strategy

It’s something you can’t afford to ignore, so take some action now by following these starter tips:

  • Outline your goals for the campaign before starting—are you looking for leads, sales, visitors, newsletter sign-ups? Develop your content to encourage a wider range of conversions than just sales.
  • Select the most appropriate mediums for your goals—mobile website, social media, SMS and so on.
  • Adjust your content for the way people use mobile devices. This means it will probably need to be more concise and focused—simply reformatting existing content won’t work. You need to create content specifically for these different users, which goes beyond just the functionality of the device and addresses the customer needs and experience.
  • AMP your site – create AMP alternatives to all your pages to give mobile searches a fast, more fluid response. The advantage of AMP is that it allows you to achieve mobile optimisation easily without altering the primary mobile web experience.
  • Do your research into how your target audience use their smartphones and tablets. Check your existing website analytics for insights.
  • Does your tone and message need to be adapted for a slightly different demographic than the one you address on your main website?
  • Make it easy for your prospects to share your content with friends and colleagues—and make sure you give them something they’ll want to share.
  • Remember, people use their mobiles 24 hours a day, which means you need to be able to handle orders and support your customers round the clock. Are you ready for that?
  • Think of ways in which you can give your mobile customers an interactive experience via your content. Take advantage of new mobile habits, like taking selfies, and tie them into your marketing campaign. Or use geolocation technologies to offer discount codes to nearby customers.
  • Keep it fresh—you’ll need a constant stream of new content to hold the attention of the mobile generation. Can you use micro-videos to promote your brand story?
  • Develop a brand app that gives your target audience content that has some value to them, rather than just a marketing message.
  • Personalise the mobile experience in any way you can.
  • Watch your analytics and make your mobile campaign an ongoing process. AMP offers two paths to enable analytics, so you’ll be able to track your mobile search performance.

And what next?

Once you’re happy with your mobile content-marketing, you could start thinking about the next big thing—wearable technology. Watch this space (yes, pun intended!)…

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