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Our Dynamic Remarketing service targets your past website visitors with reminders of the products they nearly bought

When you shop online, how often do you buy the first time you browse? Many visitors will take a day or two to think a decision over, or just window-shop ahead of payday, daydreaming about retail therapy to come.

Either way, there can be a time gap between when someone first looks for your product and when they buy.

The risk is less that they’ll choose not to buy at all; the big risk is that they’ll end up buying from someone else.

That’s where dynamic remarketing comes in.

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Example of Remarketing Campaign


What Will Cloud Seller Pro Do for You?

Our fully managed service takes care of everything. We’ll set up the initial tracking, build the campaigns, and maintain, troubleshoot, and optimise on an on-going basis to reach your target return on investment (ROI).

  • Save Time

    By leaving your remarketing in the hands of dedicated experts, you get all the benefits of the service without needing to dedicate your own time or find a staff member to dedicate theirs.

  • Get Better Results

    The big difference between a campaign run by experts and a campaign run by people who are new to remarketing is the ROI. We can increase your success rate and reduce ad spend, making for much better results.

  • Improved Targeting

    Tracking shopper data including what pages they visited, where, and what time of day allows us to market to your customers when they’re most likely to be tempted.

  • Shopping Cart Saviour

    It’s not uncommon for visitors to get as far as adding items to their cart and not end up making the purchase. We can give these visitors the extra nudge they need to become customers – after all, they’re very close already!

  • Ad Design Experience

    Dynamic remarketing templates aren’t all equally effective. With their years of experience, our team can match your ads to your customer base most effectively.

Who have we helped?



The task...

Duplay were ranking strongly in organic search, but their Google Shopping campaigns didn’t provide an acceptable ROAS, with cost per sale being just too high.

What we did...

Under our management, Duplay significantly reduced cost per sale, with traffic and revenue growing simultaneously. Google Shopping performance was in-line with their other marketing activities.


Client response...

“We always knew we needed to be seen on AdWords to complement our natural rankings but could never make it pay, We took a gamble and had CCP run it for us and we quickly saw instant results and looking forward to continuing the partnership.”

Operations Director, Duplay

Cloud Seller Pro

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