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Google Shopping Growing Strongly

eCommerce is growing, and Google Shopping is taking a bigger share of the growing market.

Google Shopping ads are growing in importance for online retailers, according to major independent reporting. Merkle Inc released their quarterly Digital Marketing Report for Q4 2018. Merkle specialise in big data analysis in the digital marketing world, and their quarterly reports are eagerly awaited in the industry. Among the highlights of the latest Merkle report:…

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Using Google AdWords to Secure More Sales

Google’s dominance of the UK search engine landscape continues, with figures published in January indicating that the search engine currently has more than 85% of the market share. With online sales growing year on year, it’s never been clearer that UK retailers need to maximise positioning within Google’s search results, in order to drive sales.…

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What is Ad-words Quality Score and How can you improve it?

Most people are aware of quality score being attributed to keywords, which is a determining factor in ad positioning and in how much you pay per click (CPC). For keywords, quality score is ranked between 1 and 10 and you want the score as high as possible, anything over 6 is good. However, quality score…

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Winner or loser in the Google sidebar change, what should you be doing now?

In our last post, we looked at the potential winners and losers as a result of Google’s latest SERP change. To follow up, once you’ve assessed how you faired, we’ve got some advice on what you should be doing next in a post-sidebar world. As side-bar ads disappeared and a fourth paid ad started appearing above the organic listings on…

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