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Free Google CSS Service

Avoid Google Shopping Fees up to 20%

Google Shopping Europe takes up to 20% of Clients’ Bid Costs – We don’t.

Cloud Seller Pro will act as your Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) for free – no signup fee, no monthly costs, no hidden fees.

Did you say Free… Why?

We became a CSS to obtain the financial benefits for our fully managed customers as a value-added service.

We didn’t think you should have to be a Cloud Seller Pro customer to take advantage.  Our paying customers receive the full financial benefits of the work we do managing their Google Shopping feed.

Why use a CSS?

Google Shopping Europe (GSE) was created following an EU court ruling which required Google to allow competition in the Google Shopping market. The solution? Allow other CSS platforms to do the same thing, and set up GSE as its own company, just one competitor in a wider market.

But the new GSE – as a company of its own, has to be financially independent.

To enable it to be financially independent, it charges a 20% margin.

This means that by switching to Cloud Seller Pro, your CSS ad budget can effectively increase by £1 for every £4 you spend.

But that may mean you need to change your campaigns to see a benefit.


The Hidden Advantage of Lower Bids

What happens if you don’t make a change?

  • Bids are 20% higher

    You'll win more auctions, now including some generic searches – which are less likely to convert.

  • Check Your Success

    For some businesses, that’s fine. Extra clicks may bring in more business faster than costs increase.

  • Keep an Eye Out

    Instead, you might find leaving bids untouched has a negative impact for you. You'll need to adjust your bids.

  • Always Optimise

    Even if you're getting results,  you could still tweak bids to get a greater Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

  • Call the Experts

    We're Google Shopping experts. We handle campaigns for many industries already. Let us make the most of your campaigns.

You always have the option to talk to us about managing your Google Shopping feed for improved results, or to help you run Amazon Advertising, or both. Like our parent company Cloud Commerce Pro, we’re multi-channel specialists.

What do I need to do now?

  • 1

    Contact us today to start improving the ROI of your campaigns.

  • 2

    We will send you a full and simple step-by-step guide explaining the on-boarding process

  • 3

    We publish your product data through our CSE – here

  • 4

    Within 3-5 days you will be seeing the benefits of using our CSS

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Who have we helped?


Elegant Event Essentials

The task...

We launched the company’s UK campaigns in 2016 to accompany the new website. Through the rest of the year we successfully reduced costs while simultaneously growing sales month-on-month.

The outcome...

Sales have continued to increase year-on-year, with cost per sale remaining as low as we can keep it.

Following the UK success, new Shopping campaigns are being rolled out to expand the company’s international reach, with German and French markets being the first to be targeted.


Client response...

“Thank you so much for your wonderful support and efforts over the last two years on our Google Shopping campaigns, the success we found in the UK is now being mirrored in Germany. With Google Shopping making up half our sales, it is critical our campaigns and product data is managed by a company with the expertise and knowledge like Cloud Seller Pro.”

Owner, Elegant Event Essentials

Cloud Seller Pro

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