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Archive for March 2016

Get your GTIN on!

Last year, Google made it a requirement that products from 50 of the most popular brands be listed with their unique Global Trade Item Numbers—GTINs. Now, from May 16 this year, all products that have had a GTIN assigned to them by their manufacturer will need to be listed with them. From that date, any…

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What is Ad-words Quality Score and How can you improve it?

Most people are aware of quality score being attributed to keywords, which is a determining factor in ad positioning and in how much you pay per click (CPC). For keywords, quality score is ranked between 1 and 10 and you want the score as high as possible, anything over 6 is good. However, quality score…

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Winner or loser in the Google sidebar change, what should you be doing now?

In our last post, we looked at the potential winners and losers as a result of Google’s latest SERP change. To follow up, once you’ve assessed how you faired, we’ve got some advice on what you should be doing next in a post-sidebar world. As side-bar ads disappeared and a fourth paid ad started appearing above the organic listings on…

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