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Let Cloud Seller Pro help you reach millions of Customers through Google Shopping and Amazon

For your business to survive and thrive, you’ll need to build your market. Through Amazon and Google Shopping, a global market of hundreds of millions are waiting to discover your products. But how do you get them to find you, not your competition?

Listing hundreds or even thousands of individual products takes a long time. Monitoring their performance, optimising paid advertising, and managing listings in real-time? That multiplies the time spent managing your Amazon seller account – and that’s time better spent fulfilling the orders as they come in.

Cloud Seller Pro offers expert service and extensive experience with both Google Shopping and AMS (Amazon Marketing Services). With our experience, we can optimise your advertising faster and more effectively. That leaves you free to focus on what you do best.

How can we improve your Advertise with Amazon Performance?


Customers use Amazon in their millions every day, buying from thousands of sellers like you. We’ll structure your advertising campaign to make sure your business is easy for your target market to find.

Product Ads

A well-designed Sponsored Product Ads campaign gives your product visibility when your potential customer searches for related items – including your competition. Make sure your market share is always growing.

Optimised Bid

Are you paying the same amount to promote high-margin and low-margin items? Does your campaign give high- and low-competition items equal slices of your budget? Bid optimisation can increase sales and increase your total return on ad spent (ROAS).

How can we improve your Google Shopping Performance?


We’ll tailor a feed management strategy to your business. Ongoing optimisation techniques drive you to your profit potential. Ideal for Google Shopping, but this is effective for any feed-driven market channel.


Companies of all sizes benefit from ongoing expert campaign management. Keyword research highlights opportunities and improves bid management. We’ll analyse your competition and map out a route to success.

Google Ads

Remarketing is a great way to bring back lost shoppers and pick up those ‘lost’ sales. Our comprehensive service optimises remarketing management for Google Shopping.

The Benefits

  • Build your Business

    Let us handle listings management while you focus on your business.

  • Reach Millions

    Potential customers around the world are actively looking for your products. We help them find you.

  • Be Successful

    We'll help you be ready for each opportunity to grow.

  • Drive Performance

    Improve performance in the sales channels that secure your bottom line.

  • Balance Price & Volume

    We can strike that balance between maximising order volume and profit per order.

  • Build a Foundation

    We can build you a foundation that aims to ensure long-term vitality on Amazon.

Who have we helped?


Elegant Event Essentials

The task...

We launched the company’s UK campaigns in 2016 to accompany the new website. Through the rest of the year we successfully reduced costs while simultaneously growing sales month-on-month.

The outcome...

Sales have continued to increase year-on-year, with cost per sale remaining as low as we can keep it.

Following the UK success, new Shopping campaigns are being rolled out to expand the company’s international reach, with German and French markets being the first to be targeted.


Client response...

“Thank you so much for your wonderful support and efforts over the last two years on our Google Shopping campaigns, the success we found in the UK is now being mirrored in Germany. With Google Shopping making up half our sales, it is critical our campaigns and product data is managed by a company with the expertise and knowledge like Cloud Seller Pro.”

Owner, Elegant Event Essentials

Cloud Seller Pro

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