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Dynamic Remarketing

Target previous visitors to your site with ads that contain the specific products

Ultra-targeted messages tailored to your audience

Bring previous visitors back to your site to complete what they started


Our Dynamic Remarketing service uses your past website visitors to advertise product listing ads, on Google Shopping, Facebook and Instagram. Remarketing in this way allows you to create highly targeted adverts that contain tailored messages based on the products viewed on your website.

Not every user will buy from your site straight away, people need time to shop around, find the best deals and view different products from different brands. This is where remarketing comes in to play, more specifically, dynamic remarketing. There are many different types of dynamic remarketing ads, some are designed for travel, education, property or the hotel industries, but what we specialise in, is dynamic remarketing for the Ecommerce retailers.

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What our Remarketing Service Includes?

Our Remarketing service is fully managed, we implement and maintain the campaigns from setting up the initial tracking to providing on-going optimisation to deliver a digital channel that meets you ROI targets.


Depending on your ecommerce platform, we will either advise or set-up the necessary remarketing tags.


We will build your campaigns to target lost shoppers based on what pages they visited in your store, geography, time of day, and more.



We will manage the ‘dynamic ad’ CPC bidding in order to deliver the agreed return on ad spend.


We will provide on-going monthly updates on the performance of your ‘dynamic product ads’ & campaigns.

Why choose us to help you Remarket your past visitors?

Every decision we make is made with Return On Investment (ROI) in mind. Working in a strategic partnership with you means we are able to make your business better through marketing, while never losing sight of the things that matter to you and your business success.

No need to train or recruit in-house. You have access to experts with over 14 years’ experience in SEM who take care of everything

Generate direct customer sales that you can build relationships with to help grow and take your business to the next level

All media spend is accountable down to a product-level. Every product is analysed to identify waste and to take action

Custom built campaign structure to reflect the needs and goals of your business

In-depth analysis of traffic in order to continually optimise spend and achieve and delivery the maximum ROI

Receive monthly reporting updates of actions taken and performance results of every campaign and product


How We Have Helped...

What we did...

Duplay have been successfully gaining a lot of prominence in Organic search ranking over the last 12 months, but was finding the cost of Google Shopping too high to maintain an acceptable cost per sale.

We have helped Duplay to significantly reduce costs while growing traffic and revenue from Google Shopping, in-line with other marketing actives.

“We always knew we needed to be seen on AdWords to complement our natural rankings but could never make it pay, We took a gamble and had CCP run it for us and we quickly saw instant results and looking forward to continuing the partnership.”

– Liam White, Operations Director - Duplay


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