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Driving Profit with Retail Focused Multi-Channel Selling

Reach a New Audience through Google Shopping PLAs

List Your Products on Amazon & eBay Marketplaces


The Cloud Seller Pro team can help you to reach millions of customers through the leading global marketplaces and shopping engines of Google Shopping, Amazon & eBay

We are a service based business that understands the importance of driving sales both regionally and globally with our team of ecommerce specialists.

Our deep expertise in both traditional marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay, as well as the ever growing search based Google Shopping, means we have the knowledge and expertise to help accelerate the growth of your business.

How we can help you grow your business?


We understand how leveraging feed technology and ongoing optimisation strategies can help retailers maximise their profit potential on feed-driven channels like Google Shopping, as well as Amazon and eBay.


We will research your products, competitors and opportunities on Adwords. Whether you are a one person company or a FTSE listed company our campaigns management process works to achieve your business goals.


Gain access to over 400 million active customers on Amazon, eBay with expert setup on these major marketplaces we can assist with account setup, storefront design and implementation. Or fully manage this for you.


We can help you list, manage and optimise all your product listings, around the globe. While keeping your inventory levels synced and providing the systems to manage the processing and shipping of your orders.


We offer a comprehensive remarketing management service for product-level, personalised Google Shopping retargeting. Generate extra sales by bringing back lost shoppers by showing them ads featuring the actual products they viewed.


Our sister company's Order Management System can be integrated with the leading ecommerce platform. Wherever you sell products, whether it is from your shop floor, website, Google, eBay or Amazon stores. Giving you access to all your sales and stock details in real time, anytime.

How Can You Benefit?


Build Your Business

Concentrate on building your business, let us save you time managing thousands of listings

Reach Millions

Reach Millions of potential customers who are actively looking for your products

Build a Foundation

We can build you a foundation that aims to ensure long-term vitality on Amazon

Drive Performance

Drive performance on the channels that most directly impact your digital bottom line

Find a Balance

We can find balance between maximizing order volume and profitability

Be Successful

We can help you find the opportunities to make you a successful and growing business

How We Have Helped...

What we did...

Duplay have been successfully gaining a lot of prominence in Organic search ranking over the last 12 months, but was finding the cost of Google Shopping too high to maintain an acceptable cost per sale.

We have helped Duplay to significantly reduce costs while growing traffic and revenue from Google Shopping, in-line with other marketing actives.

“We always knew we needed to be seen on AdWords to complement our natural rankings but could never make it pay, We took a gamble and had CCP run it for us and we quickly saw instant results and looking forward to continuing the partnership.”

– Liam White, Operations Director - Duplay


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